EPIC Project (Employability & Private businesses Incubator Centre)

EPIC Project (Employability & Private businesses Incubator Centre. Easy access to labour market for youth and women) funded by EU Office in Kosovo, is inviting businesses wishful to enlarge themselves by hiring personnel to apply to small grant scheme.

Aim of this call for proposals:

The aim of this call, is to contribute in supporting job creation, for youngsters and women age 18-30 years old, through small grants scheme in the municipality of Prishtina, Gjakova and Ferizaj.

Eligibility criteria:

To be eligible, projects should fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be submitted by a business with adequate structures, which is registered in one of the municipalities: Prishtina, Ferizaj or Gjakova;
  • Directly benefit at least 1 person from vulnerable group – youngsters or women at age from 18-30 years old;
  • Present a budget where administrative costs do not exceed 5% of total cost;
  • Respect the law and follow sound managerial and financial practices;
  • Duration of the project should be maximum 6 months.

Exclusion criteria

  • This grants are not used to finance : Individuals or individual beneficiaries;
  • Running costs of a public institution, governmental body or other organization;
  • Organizations that are affiliated to political parties, religious institutions or the military;
  • Discriminatory or anti-democratic activities;
  • Projects that solely consist of purchasing materials; Infrastructure or construction costs;
  • Projects outside of Kosovo;
  • Scholarships, study tours abroad, stipends or tuition fees;
  • Missions of foreign experts;
  • Planning and evaluation activities;
  • Contributions to large-scale projects  or programmes;
  • Charity events.

Financial requirements:

Sub-grants must fall between the minimum amount of 3.000 euro and maximum amount of 4.000 euro.  Co-funding is positively evaluated but not obligatory.

Grants will be allocated only for the beneficiaries registered in three Municipalities: Prishtina, Gjakove and Ferizaj.

Info Sessions:

EPIC invites interested people to join our info sessions that will take place in three different municipalities as provided below.  

Date Time City Location
26 November 2019 09:15 Gjakova Youth Center in Gjakova
02 December 2019 09:15 Prishtina ILIRIA College in Prishtina
03 December 2019 11:00 Ferizaj Primary School “Tefik Çanga”


Grant recipients need to submit an operational and a financial report within 14 days after the end of the project activities. The operational report should evaluate activities, outputs and outcomes in line of what has been planned according to the application form.

The financial report should list all the submitted original supporting documents (bills, receipts, contracts etc.) in line with the respective positions in the budget that was submitted as part of the application.

Application Process:

Applicants should send the duly completed application form (maximum 7 pages, size 11, font “Times New Roman”) and budget form, together with the below provided documents to the following email address:

Download the application form by clicking here and the budget form by clicking here

Deadline for submission of the is 21 December 2019 at 12:00h

Documents to be submitted for application:

1. Application Form (Annex I)

2. Budget Form (Annex II)

3. Business Registration Certificate

4. Copy of the ID of business owned

5. Prove of Business Bank Account   

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