Epic Startups

EPIC Project funded by EU Office in Kosovo is inviting youth (males and females) between 18 and 30 years old presenting business ideas with high potential of growth and job creation in perspective to apply to small grant scheme quickly and with a minimum of bureaucracy.

These grants aim to contribute to supporting job creation for youngsters and women age 18-30 years old from Municipalities of Prishtina, Gjakova and Ferizaj.

Priority will be given to the following start-ups:

  • Leading or planning to hire at least a female;
  • Presenting model of business characterized by:
    • Networking in terms of commercial partnerships in Kosovo or abroad;
    • Sustainability, which means low fixed costs in its start-up phase on one side and a good liquidity flow on the other side;
    • Extent of innovation, economy-scale potentialities and ability to bring added value to the sector of reference;
    • Relevance with Kosovo economy key sectors.


Who can apply:

  • Be a citizen of Kosovo at age 18-30 years old;
  • Be a resident of one of the three municipalities: Prishtina, Ferizaj or Gjakova.

To be eligible, projects should:

  • Eligible costs: costs necessary to support employability and which must be enlisted in the business plan;
  • Are considered ineligible costs those enlisted in section 2.1.5 of the EU Call for proposal;
  • Such costs will be specified in the EGS Calls;
  • Directly benefit at least 1 person from vulnerable group – youngsters or women from 18-30 years old;
  • Present a budget where administrative costs do not exceed 5% of total cost;
  • Respect the law and follow sound managerial and financial practices;
  • Supporting employing businesses;
  • Enhancing entrepreneurship and creating self-employment; Financial allocation  provided:
    – Co-funding: positively evaluated but not obligatory;
  • Grants will be allocated only for the beneficiaries from the three Municipalities Prishtine/Prishtina,  Gjakove/Dakovic and Ferizaj/Urosevac.

Exclusion   criteria

  • Running costs of a public institution, governmental body or other organization;
  • Organizations that are affiliated to political parties, religious institutions or the military;
  • Discriminatory or anti-democratic activities.
  • Purely commercial activities;
  • Projects that solely consist of purchasing materials; Infrastructure or construction costs;
  • Projects outside of Kosovo;
  • Scholarships, study tours abroad, stipends or tuition fees;
  • Missions of foreign experts;
  • Planning and evaluation activities;
  • Contributions to large-scale projects or programs;
  • Charity events.


Grant recipients need to submit an operational and a financial report within 14 days before the end of the project activities. The operational report should evaluate activities, outputs and outcomes in light of what had been planned according to the application form.

The financial report should list all the submitted original supporting documents (bills, receipts, contracts etc.) against the respective positions in the budget that was submitted as part of the application.


Applicants are invited to send electronic copies of the duly completed application form (maximum 7 pages, size 11, font “Times New Roman”) and attached budget form (see templates below) together with the relevant documents to the following email address:

Download the Application form by clicking here and the budget form by clicking here;
Deadline for submission of the application is 31st August 2020, at 12:00.

Documents to be submitted:

  1. Application form (Annex I)
  2. Budget Form (Annex II)
  3. Copy of ID or Passport
  4. CV – of the applicant
  • Interested youngsters will have to register themselves in EPIC web page

For any question related to the application please feel free to contact us by e-mail at:; or by phone as provided below:

CITY  Contacts TIME
PRISHTINA 044 390 770

045 567 765

10:00 -16:00
GJAKOVA 045 567 765

044 390 770

10:00 -16:00
FERIZAJ 044 390 770

045 567 765

10:00 -16:00

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